Artist's Statement by Nancy Joyce

My underlying theme has always been centered around the thought of how ‘time’ affects every single living thing. Throughout the course of my art career, time has manifested itself through imagery and paintings of wheels (what goes around comes around/circle of life, cogs, and inner workings of a clock), nature (how the light of the day might hit a certain branch and cast a deep shadow on the forest floor or how starlings turn and flip in time with one another to create murmurations), women (how deep-rooted history effects and influences our youth), and architecture (the time-lapse and encapsulation of art and design). Regardless of how it has revealed itself, the theme of time has been a consistent thread for me since 2007. Currently, my fascination is with murmurations. I am playing with the concept of chaos vs. order using abstract expressionist backgrounds with patterned and ordered starling foregrounds as they undulate and dance throughout the sky to avoid predators.